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Do kickboxing strikes actually feel awkward or silly? This is how you can access your energy.


I can’t help but feel like a little kid having fun while trying to be assertive whenever I kick or punch the air during kickboxing. Could you defeat me?

In actuality, you don’t need to be engaged in a physical fight to benefit from a kickboxing session and get a challenging and enjoyable workout. Nez Dally, the new coach for Apple Health+, has been participating in Muay Thai since 2018. She made history in 2011 when she became the first female competitor to wear a hijab in Thailand.

Becoming the first woman to compete in Thailand while wearing a hijab was a significant moment for Dally because it happened at a period when women like me did not have access to a place like that. “Trying anything new may be intimidating, but it’s crucial to embrace the experience. I am aware that it is a plan to stick with because of this.

Kickboxing has, in Dally’s words, “helped discover confidence and create self-discipline.” The new kickboxing sessions on Apple Health+, she thinks, will even help students find what they’re looking for.

An iPhone screen showing a woman in a hijab doing a kickboxing move.
Photograph: Apple

Methods to pack punch behind a punch

It’s important to exercise at your own pace, according to Dally’s colleague coach Jamie Ray Hartshorn, in order to get the most out of kickboxing classes without getting too caught up in yourself. He and Daly offer 4 kickboxing pointers for beginners in this article.

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1. Think Positive

Kickboxing is an excellent cardio exercise that, by exercising the body, enhances coordination and overall energy, according to Hartshorn. We’re all beginners at everything, so don’t worry! Simply repeat each punch and kick in your thoughts or out loud to get accustomed to them. When you learn the moves, punching and kicking combinations get easier and easier.”

2. Approach each round as a battle

To entry your energy, it is advisable to work together with your thoughts and physique. Within the Health + Absolute Newbie Kickboxing exercise, Dally explains that every spherical of the mix shall be three minutes lengthy for him, identical to the precise fight rounds. It could not sound like a lot in a exercise, however she says the ring packs quite a lot of depth into that time-frame. You may entry that sense of urgency.

3. Return to your safest position

Because of its depth, you might need to reset your hands into a guard position where you are protecting your face with your palms up in between sequences of movements. Using such strategy, you can always be ready for the next punch or kick.

Dally explains, “Your guard is your strong position and your most safest, so you always want to go back there.”

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4. Transfer from the core

Think of your body as a whole that strikes as a unit rather than just your legs and arms extending. Kickboxing is, to put it bluntly, very dependent on core energy.

According to Hartshorn, “the ability behind each punch and kick in kickboxing originates from the core, much like in many sports.” Give it a front kick or raise your hands to get ready and prepared for the next move!

A roundhouse or full-body jab can immediately get you perspiring and confident in yourself.

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