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Post workout meal – Tips to better utilize your gym time


Are you going to the gym for a fantastic workout? You may be organizing your fitness goals, but food also plays a significant role in your quest to better health. Do you realize this? Combining your diet and exercise can help you become healthier. You should properly arrange your pre- and post-workout meals if you want to maximize your calorie burning. This essay emphasizes the importance of taking the right vitamins after exercise and how to get the most out of your post-workout meal.

Why do I really feel hungry after working out in the gym?

First, figure out why you feel hungry after a great gym session so you can make sure you’re getting the right vitamins.

post-workout meal
Ideas for optimizing your post-workout meal.Picture credit score: Adobe Inventory
  • Endurance exercising depletes your muscles’ stored glycogen, which may make you feel hungry.
  • Ghrelin, also known as the “starvation hormone,” is released during exercising and might make you feel hungry.
  • Exercising also releases endorphins, which calm the body and lower stress, which makes it easier to feel hungry.
  • Throughout the training, energy consumption increases, which causes hunger. Hence, when you exercise on an empty stomach, you will feel hungry because your body is searching for additional energy to make up for the calories you burn while exercising.
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What benefits does post workout meal provide?

Following exercise, carbohydrates help muscles’ glycogen levels recover. A post-workout meal also lessens the possibility of muscle protein breakdown during exercise. It helps increase power.

Plan your post-workout meal.

A post-workout meal that maintains a carbohydrate and protein balance can promote healthy recovery and also reduce performance in subsequent workouts.

A great rule of thumb is to consume 4 grams of carbohydrates for every 1 grams of protein in order to maximize your post-workout weight loss program. Additionally, including foods high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in your post-workout diet can help reduce muscle cramps and irritability. This is in addition to including foods high in healthy fat.

We encourage having full meals that are nutritional and aid with digestion, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats. Egg omelettes with avocado, rolled oatmeal with banana, almonds, whey protein, cottage cheese, quinoa with sweet potatoes, Greek yogurt, and granola are all excellent post-workout foods.

The timing of your post-workout meal is as important to the post-workout meal itself. Most of your body’s vitamins are absorbed right away after exercise.

post-workout meal
Ideas for optimizing your post-workout meal.Picture credit score: Adobe Inventory

What shouldn’t be eaten post workout?

A post-workout meal is a must, but some foods should never be consumed after a workout since they detract from the purpose of the exercise in the first place. They include:

  • Fatty foods slow down the process of vitamin absorption and postpone recovery.
  • Processed foods with too much sugar and preservatives
  • Alcohol makes the body less hydrated.
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Last but not least, always remember that feeling hungry after a great workout is entirely normal. It all comes down to eating a balanced diet that helps provide your body with the proper vitamins so it can heal properly.

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