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Garlic Peeling hack – Simple 10 seconds microwave trick


We enjoy eating garlic, but like you, we hate peeling it. Especially if the recipe calls for an absurd number, like 40 cloves. Luckily, I’ve discovered a straightforward method to peel garlic without destroying my freshly polished nails. Well, I’ve tried almost every other garlic peeling hack under the sun, but this 10-second approach takes the cake.

Greatest knife-free hacks for peeling garlic

This brilliant technique for peeling garlic uses only a microwave and avoids the use of a sharp, possibly dangerous object. Garlic farmers in northern Michigan claim that one of the finest methods to peel garlic is with a little warmth in a recent TikTok video posted by @newdawnfields.

@newdawnfields A bit of warmth is required to make the paper look extra like paper. I am not attempting to cook dinner garlic. Simply heat up. Strive it earlier than the foolish hack! #garlic #garlicgirl #northernmichigan #michigan #womenwhofarm #grownbysurvivors #kitchenhacks #garlicpeelinghack ♬ authentic sound – Ok-Roll

She uses the Georgian hearth garlic species, which is reputed to be more difficult to peel than other varieties, as an example. Place in for 20 seconds, allow to cool for a few seconds, and then handle.

Indeed, it is that simple. The most amazing aspect may be the fact that this procedure completely strips the skin.

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Garlic Peeling hack

I attempted the microwave garlic peeling hack to see if it really works (…and it does!)

Like every new social media invention I see, I immediately have the perception: Is this too good to be true? In this instance, checking was the only way to be positive. Thankfully, I always have plenty of fresh garlic on hand to cook virtually every meal. It also helped that it came from a seasoned garlic farmer.

I tested it with a common variety of garlic called silver white softneck. (Leaving the skin and pores unharmed). Next carefully reheat them by placing them in the microwave for 10 seconds. The clove was finished and rested for about ten seconds, following which it was quickly removed. To my surprise, the flawlessly peeled cloves seemingly disappeared from the skin casing.

Even though this hack has inherent merit, there are a few considerations to take before using it. To begin with, I could have heated the cloves in the microwave in much less time because I was only heating a few of them, not the entire head. Very likely 7-8 seconds should be adequate. Also, your microwave’s effectiveness plays a significant role (mine has been round for many years not less than). I also realized that I was predominantly frying the cloves when I overheated them. This will alter the flavor profile of the garlic and lessen its impact when raw.

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To finish, I thoroughly chopped the cloves using a handy veggie chopper to completely eliminate finger smells. OXO Good Grips Vegetable Cutter is my go-to (which doubles as an arm exercise). It is the best way to chop all of the garlic in the world without using odor-filled fingers.

Registered dietitians share the advantages of consuming garlic:

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