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Menstrual Hygiene – How To Maintain Healthy Periods


Menstruation is a natural process that all women go through. During this time, many women may experience discomfort such as cramping, bloating, and fatigue. Correct menstrual hygiene is essential for maintaining personal hygiene, staying healthy, and preventing infection. Menstrual hygiene ideas should be at your fingertips, whether it is being aware of how long you should use menstrual products or keeping scented products out of your vagina.

Dr. Sunita Chouhan, a gynecology and obstetrics marketing consultant at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Indore, shared a basic menstrual hygiene do’s and don’ts list. These will keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy throughout your period.

Ideas for Maintaining Menstrual Hygiene Throughout Your Period

1. Using lukewarm water and a gentle cleaning soap, keep the vaginal area clean. This helps in the removal of menstrual blood as well as the prevention of microorganism and odor buildup.

2. Do you dislike the smell of interval blood? Change pads and tampons on a regular basis (at the very least each 4-8 hours). This may help keep the area clean by preventing the growth of microorganisms and odors.

3. Wear breathable underwear made of natural fabrics. Cotton underwear is an excellent choice because it allows air to circulate and keeps the area dry.

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4. Stay hydrated and follow a healthy weight-loss diet. Drinking plenty of water and eating a nutritious diet can help keep the skin and mucous membranes in the vaginal area healthy.

Stay hydrated during your period
Keep hydrated throughout your interval.Picture credit score: Shutterstock

5. Bathe or shower every day if possible. This may remove menstrual blood and keep the area clear.

6. Keep your genitals dry and avoid wearing clothing that is too tight. This may prevent the growth of microorganisms and yeast, which can lead to infections.

7. Exercise regularly and maintain good general vaginal hygiene. Regular exercise and good hygiene habits help to keep the body healthy and infections at bay.

8. If you are experiencing any discomfort or have any concerns, please seek the advice of a medical professional. Your healthcare provider may be able to help you diagnose and treat any problems you are having.

healthy period
A wholesome interval is in your palms.Picture credit score: Shutterstock

Safety measures to take during menstruation

1. Avoid dutting and using scented products near the vagina. Douching can cause infections by changing the pH stability of the vagina. Scented products can also cause irritation and allergic reactions.

2. Do not use pads or tampons for an extended period of time. If you leave it for a long time, the microorganisms will grow and cause odor.

3. Don’t wear tight pants or synthetic underwear. They attract moisture, which causes yeast and microorganisms to grow.

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4. Do not use worn-out or expired pads or tampons. These products will be less effective than modern products and may cause infections.

5. Do not ignore or self-diagnose your symptoms or discomfort. If you have symptoms like itching, burning, or unusual discharge, you should see a doctor.

6. Menstrual hygiene and cleanliness should not be ignored. Menstrual hygiene neglect can lead to infections and discomfort.

Menstrual Hygiene
Poor menstrual hygiene can result in vaginal infections.Picture credit score: Shutterstock


You can help prevent infections and keep your body healthy by adhering to the menstrual hygiene dos and don’ts outlined above. Please seek advice from medical professionals if you experience discomfort or other symptoms.

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