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How to use Olive Oil for lips – Simple solution for dry lips


Even though winter hasn’t officially ended, we’re still dealing with chapped lips. Others might be resting on your shelf, while others might have worked for you. One goal is to use olive oil on your lips. Although olive oil is well known for its many health benefits, it can also be used to treat chapped lips. In this article we will discuss the use of olive oil for lips.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin

Let’s first look at olive oil’s benefits for your skin before moving on to your lips.

olive oil for lips
Olive oil is nice for lips.Picture credit score: Shutterstock

Further benefits of using olive oil on the skin include:

• consists of anti-oxidants, vitamin E, and ingredients like squalene and oleocanthal that slow down aging and repair damaged skin.
• Olive oil is allergy-friendly, non-toxic, and microbiologically resistant.
• By holding onto moisture, moisturizes skin pores. It might eliminate dry patches and bring back your skin’s youthful radiance. Olive oil may mitigate the effects of UV radiation.

Olive Oil for lips

If you look up the ingredients in lip balms, you’ll find that many producers use olive oil. According to Dr. Mahajan, you can even use olive oil on your lips to hydrate them. Hence, if your lips truly feel dry, add some olive oil at night. Even a pure lip scrub made of sugar and olive oil is possible.

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Can you use olive oil to make your lips pink?

There are lip glosses and lipsticks that can give you pink lips, but you can also cleanse your lips to get true pink lips. Let’s say you need to scrub your lips. Using a sugar and olive oil scrub is one of the simplest ways to nurture and cleanse your lips.

olive oil for lips
Make your lips gentle and pink by making a lip scrub with olive oil and sugar.Picture credit score: Shutterstock

Olive oil and coconut oil for lips

Many find coconut oil to be the most preferred since it promotes soft skin (The best way to Use Coconut Oil for Pores and skin). Some women may believe that since coconut oil is heavier than olive oil and feels less suitable for lips. Fatty acids aid in keeping lips soft. It seems that coconut oil prevents cracked and dry lips. enhances the removal of waste skin and pore cells as well as the dry outer layer of the lips.

Actually, due to their moisturizing qualities, coconut oil and olive oil are both beneficial for lips.

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