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Why do you have weak glutes? – Find out How to make them stronger!


I successfully completed all of the squats, deadlifts, and walking lunges, but my glutes are not getting stronger. What do I do if I have weak glutes?

Mohammed Bunaim, a coach and presenter for Les Mills US, says there are a number of reasons why, despite appearing to be working hard, your glutes don’t get stronger or more defined.

It is imperative to fix it since strengthening your glutes offers benefits that go far beyond appearances (sorry, I needed to). It aids with hip and knee alignment as well as pelvic alignment, according to Bunaim. In addition, it’s essential for us to be able to perform daily tasks like walking and running as well as balance on one leg. It has become a cliché since it is used so often.

Why are butt workouts not working?

Let’s take a closer look at the process in case your loot-crafting efforts are unsuccessful.

1. Squatting with incorrect knee placement

You might not be squatting correctly, which is one of the reasons your glutes don’t get any stronger. In order to squat properly, Bunaim advises keeping your knees in line with the middle of your feet. He says you can keep your glutes engaged throughout your range of motion by keeping your knees farther back, closer to your heels than your toes.

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2. Just one squatting position

Another common error with glute exercises is relying just on one type of squat. There is a reason why there are various squats. Reposition your feet so that you can see your glutes from all sides. According to Bunaim, various squat positions “help target and activate completely distinct muscle mass in your glutes.” “Thin squats target the quadriceps and front legs, but going wide and even further will train your glutes and glutes more effectively.”

3. Squatting too low or not low enough

Although gym rats frequently use the phrase “ass to grass,” not everyone can squat that low. According to Bunaim, the most stable range of motion for an effective squat is to stop your hips just above the knee line. ” When you do not move through the entire range of motion, you lose full muscle activation. You risk injuring your lower back and knees if you don’t have the flexibility to do it safely.

4. Not utilizing booty band

Although squats are a good way to tone your glutes, there are several other exercises (usually seen as less strenuous) that can also help you get a great booty. According to Bunaim. “Many think donkey kicks, hip bridges, and clams are “weak” workouts, yet they’re great for isolating the glutes. “Isolating the gluteus maximus grows and strengthens the gluteus maximus in addition to prompting it deep inside the muscular, causing intense burns.”

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5. You have not altered your training methodology

The practice of power training is frequently regarded as one of the simplest strategies to develop bigger, stronger muscle mass. I’m here right now. If you’ve been looking for a reason to spend some money on Peloton or join Les Mills+, your glutes will lead you there. “To construct strong, healthy glutes, mix cardio with weight training. For example, step lessons, mountain climbing, snowboarding, and spin lessons. Purposeful health and glutes growth. It helps you take pleasure in an active and healthy life,” he explains.

Able to mess up your booty burn? Do this 15-minute glutes exercise.

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