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Your Weight loss plan can compromise your hair health


A common problem that almost all of us attribute to genetics is hair loss, however this is untrue. Yes, losing 50-100 strands a day may be normal, but if you’re losing more, it’s wise to examine your lifestyle to determine the root cause of the problem. The primary underlying factors may include genetics, hormone imbalances, thyroid, metabolism, and other health issues. Sometimes, minor problems like itchiness or a scalp infection can lead to hair loss. However, your weight loss plan can compromise your hair health. The following must be done if you want your hairbrush to have much fewer bristles.

Your weight loss plan can result in hair loss

Your weight loss plan is responsible for a large portion of your health. When your body is sufficiently vitamin-rich, your skin glows and your hair shines.

Some known weight loss plan than can cause hair loss include:

  • crash weight loss program
  • yoyo weight loss program
  • Inappropriate meal schedule
  • lack of balanced weight loss program

Junk meals excessive in sugar and carbs have irreversible results. The same goes for crash diets and yo-yo diets. These deplete the body’s consumption of important nutritional vitamins and minerals, causing hair loss. Your weight loss plan should include lean meats, protein, greens, fruits, seeds, dairy products and whole grain. Hair is made up of protein, zinc, iron, and magnesium, so ensure you’re getting them in the proper proportions in your meals.

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Different issues that trigger hair loss

The primary cause of hair loss is a poor diet, but other factors can worsen the issue and must be addressed, including:

1. Quit smoking

Cancer is the most obvious disease caused by smoking. But did you know that smoking causes blood vessels to tighten, preventing fresh blood supplies from entering the body and affecting the blood vessels behind the hair follicles? The scalp gradually stops producing new hair as a result, making hair growth more difficult.

2. Managing Excessive Stress

There are two kinds of stress: Healthy and harmful. We all react differently to emphasis. Long-term or ongoing stress causes the body to produce cortisol and norepinephrine, which causes the hair follicle to enter telogen. In several expressions, there is no new hair growth. Stress effects take months to manifest, but they can be reversed. You simply want to relax, exercise, and relieve stress.

3. Protect hair against exposure and pollution

Keratin production is adversely affected by air pollution. This protein is necessary for the development of hair. Lack of keratin compromises hair’s structural integrity, making it frail and damaged. Moreover, studies have shown that air pollution might cause male pattern baldness. Mites may attach to the scalp after exposure to muck, smoke, or fumes and start an illness. Wearing a hat or scarf outside and using a great hair conditioner are simple solutions.

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4. Maintain a healthy weight.

Hair loss is one of many health concerns that are significantly exacerbated by obesity. Weight issues mix with your hormones and other processes, which is bad for your hair. Furthermore putting strain on your heart, obesity also leads to hypertension and needs to be treated. Hair loss is one of the known side effects of such medications. Train frequently thereafter to keep the strain off.

weight loss plan
Management your weight to forestall hair loss! Picture courtesy of Adobe Inventory

5. Protect your hair from sunlight, sea salt, and chemically-laced water.

Yes, there are also sunscreens for your hair! Your hair may become brittle and have split ends as a result of harmful UV rays. Your hair may also get damaged by swimming in open water or in swimming pools. At least a half-hour prior to swimming, we advise moisturizing your hair.

6. Be aware of your hair-washing habits

Water that is too hot will kill your hair. Use lukewarm water and always work the shampoo into a foam with your hands before applying it to your scalp. Therapeutic massage shouldn’t be performed harshly or excessively. Avoid over-shampooing or excessive scrubbing of your hair. Wash your hair gently, then let it air dry as naturally as you can.

7. Refrain from using drugs and steroids.

The scalp is destroyed by muscle-building juice. Excess testosterone makes hair follicles smaller. Hair ages more quickly, and without your knowledge, hair loss starts to appear in samples. Never take steroids or any kind of medication.

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Use the right shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and talk to a trichologist or dermatologist about your hair concerns. Maintaining the health of your hair requires ongoing effort, just like the rest of your body.

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